Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 136: It's All About Timing

Right when I was feeling a bit burnt out from my work day, I got a visitor.  This visitor comes by often, but today her timing was perfect and her smiling face was just what I needed!
Maybe I can pay it forward and be that ray of sunshine for someone else. :)

Ha ha:
I swallowed my water down the wrong pipe today right as The Intimidator was passing by.  As I began coughing, he asked me what was so funny (I wasn't laughing).  Through wracking coughs, I explained what had happened and he chuckled as he went out the door.
As I replayed that brief situation in my mind, just moments after he left, I got the giggles so bad I was choking back hacking laughs.  I was choking, explaining to an MD what happened, while trying not to sound or look like I was choking!  Oh, the imagery! :)

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