Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 147: Puffed Up

Clinton was off of work by the time I got home from the Relief Society activity around 1:30pm.  I was super excited to have the afternoon with him, but quickly became disappointed when he fell asleep on the couch shortly after I arrived.  He eventually moved upstairs, leaving me alone to wallow.  However, the Lord blessed me.  Instead of becoming upset that Clinton had "ruined" my day by sleeping away time we could have had together, I thoroughly enjoyed the time we did have once he woke up.  I had a little moment to reflect and decide if I wanted to be upset and ruin the time we had so I could get an apology (even one that wasn't necessarily deserved), or I could let him sleep and just really enjoy him later in the day.  The latter was decided and I am oh-so-glad!  We had a great little date night.

Ha ha:
As I was unloading my crockpot from the backseat of my car my friend, who was riding in the back, asked if the bag of Peanut Puffs was supposed to go with my soup.  A little too quickly, and forcefully, I shouted, "No!  Those are mine!!!"
I guess this won't be too funny to people who haven't enjoyed the peanut-y goodness of Peanut Puffs, but if you could imagine having to share your last bite of cake with your significant other when you REALLY wanted it for yourself.  That's what sharing Peanut Puffs is like.  Ya get me?

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