Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 150: So Close and Yet, So Far

I had the nerve-wracking pleasure of escorting our new section chief around to meet other section chiefs all over campus today.  I was so nervous that I wouldn't know what to say, or that I'd get lost (even though I mapped it all out yesterday), or that I'd mix up appointments--but everything went so smoothly!  He is the nicest guy, I think I'll nickname him Dr. Simpatico!  Anyway, he was very complimentary about some of the things I had prepared ahead of time for his meetings and said he was impressed I would "spoil" him so.
I had started out so nervous, but after just a couple of moments with him I felt like I'd known him for years and all my fears disappeared!  I am so excited to work with him!

Ha ha:
1.  While driving this evening, Clinton and I came up behind a car that had its left blinker on but was way over in the middle of our lane and about 10 feet back from the stop line.  Clinton chuckled and said, "Man, what's with this?"  I replied that they are probably just a typically-terrible Wisconsin driver.  As I'm saying this the light turns green and the car started slowly creeping through the intersection.  We both started laughing and while doing so I noticed a "Student Driver" sign on the top of the car and laughed even harder.  I pointed it out to Clinton and he said, "You just noticed that?"  I laughed even harder after realizing that's why he'd thought it was funny all along and I had been totally clueless!
2.  Conversation between Clinton and I:
He to me: Keep your pantaloons in one piece.
Me: That's not how the saying goes.
He: That's how I say it.
Me: Well, you're saying it wrong, it's "Keep your panties from bunching".
He: That's not it either...it's "Don't get your panties in a bunch"; which come to think of it is a rather funny saying, don't you think?
Me: (laughing) Could you imagine what that might look like in tight pants?! (laughter)

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