Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 148: Full of It

There was a talk given in church today that was based on the talk given by President Hinckley in the April 1978 General Conference, titled "Be Not Faithless".  The speaker did a great job and I really enjoyed two thoughts she had and thought I'd write them here:
1. We need to have a lot more trust and do less worrying--knowing that the Lord will make the best choices for our family.
2. Unless we do what He teaches, we do not demonstrate faith in Him.
I don't really know what else I could add to these...other than they are totally applicable to my life and as I strive to abide by their counsel I feel peace and reassurance that the Lord knows me and loves me and will direct my steps down the path He would have me take.  Even if I feel like I don't know where I'm going.

Ha ha:
Conversation between Clinton and I today...
He:  You should go make some cookies.
Me:  Nah, if you want some, why not make them together?
He:  Never mind, I don't want them that bad.
Me:  Alright.
He:  No, you should make some and I'll bake them.
Me:  Alright.
He:  No, I don't need cookies, never mind.
Me:  Alright.
He:  (comes out into the kitchen and starts pulling out dishes)
Me:  What are you doing?
He:  Making cookies.
Me:  You are bipolar with your cookie-baking decisions.
He:  Yeah.
Me:  You're washing the dishes from making them, right?
He:  No, I made dinner, so it's you're turn.
Me:  Putting tin foil on cookie sheets and pouring frozen fish sticks and french fries on them does not constitute "making dinner".
He:  It's more than you did.
Me:  What?  I washed the dishes that were already in the sink, turned on the oven and washed dinner dishes.  You wash them.
He:  (laughing)  You turned on the oven?  Wowee!  (laughter)
Me:  (trying to defend myself, but not getting anywhere)...(laughter)

Ya know, reading this over...I think I did end up with the short end of the stick!  That punk!  I'll get him next time!

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