Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 133: When I Say "Girls' Trip", You Say "Chicago!"

My girlfriends and I went to Chicago yesterday.  We knew the trip was going to be costly, but we wanted to make a day of it anyway!  Well, we parked at a garage that said the daily price was $40(!) but figured that splitting it wouldn't be that bad.  Anyway, at the end of the day, we swiped out ticket to pay and the bill came out to $14!!!!!!  We thought there was maybe a mistake, or perhaps there's a discount on weekends or something.  But either way, we each did a little jig while we paid the $3.50 for parking.

Ha ha:
We had a great time yesterday!!  We started out at Portillos for some Chicago-style hot dogs (amazing!).

The restaurant was filled with memorabilia from Chicago's history.

Next, we went to Navy Pier

And rode the Ferris Wheel

View of the Pier from the Ferris Wheel

We also rode the swings and thought they'd be "way fun" until we all felt pretty queasy at the end. (pics soon to follow)

After The Pier we walked over to Millennium Park and saw the "famous bean".  I can't believe the crowds there.  What kind of people flock to a metal thing in the middle of the city?  Oh, I guess we do.

After the bean extravaganza, we stopped and rested for a few minutes beneath these amazing trees to enjoy our Chicago-blend Garrett's Popcorn.  Um....YUMMY!!!!!

We shopped on the Magnificent Mile for about an hour or so and then stopped for dinner at my favorite Chicago deep-dish pizza place, Due's.  I ate all of it!

Aside from getting a little lost on the way home, getting "Hello Ladies" from several groups of passing men, feeling like old ladies from our tired feet and aching backs, we had an AMAZING time together!!  Thanks ladies!!  Time to start planning our trip to NY next spring! :)


  1. That was such a fun day in Chicago!! We needed a girls day out :) Glad we both felt ok haha Can't wait for NYC

  2. Danielle, I love following your blog! :) Sounds like a really fun trip with your friends to Chicago. Hope you're doing well!