Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 114: What Matters Most

I work with a great group of women.  I really do.  We have our less-than-ideal moments, but in general we get along so well.  And when things really matter, any one of us would drop everything to help.  I was the recipient of such help today.
My coworkers saw a need and offered so much love and support!  What a blessing it is to work with people who are so giving!  Thank you ladies!  Thank you for being good coworkers, and even more, for being good friends. :)  I love you guys gals!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I came across this Autocorrect on the internet a while ago and thought it was hilarious!
The reason I share this is because I had one of these myself today while I was typing a very serious text message.  It went a little something like this...
Other Person (OP): How are things going?
Me:  Ok, I just got off the porn...
(Fortunately I caught it before I clicked "send" and could change it to what I had intended...PHONE.)

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  1. We love that website (for the most part)! So funny! And I'm so glad you have good relationships with the people you work with. It totally makes or breaks the job!