Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 102: You Won't Be-leaf Your Eyes

We have been having WONDERFUL weather these last few days and I've been trying to get out and enjoy as much of it as I can before winter sets in (shudder).  Wisconsin truly has the best fall colors I've ever seen.  Deciduous trees are plentiful here and fall is their time to shine!
I had a thought the other day about fall leaves:  I think it's interesting that leaves are most amazing as they're dying.  We "ooh" and "ahh" at the process of their decay.  Who would ever think that something dying could be so beautiful?  This all made me reflect on life on earth; we come here to grow and gain experience before we die.  The growing part has it's beauties and uglies, but ultimately it makes us stronger and hopefully, more beautiful (inside and out) before we meet our Maker.  I don't know, maybe I'm rambling, but I think this idea has some merit.  It gives me hope to think that one day, if I stick it out and try my best to do what's right, despite my trials, I'll one day be as beautiful and bright as a...dying tree?  Um...I think I need to rework this idea (or not write it out past my bedtime), but hopefully you get my drift. :)

Ha ha:
Clinton and I noticed this street a while ago and I finally got a picture of it today.  Don't know about you, but f I were this saint, I think I'd have my name changed...
Don't get it?  Read it out loud.  Ha!


  1. I didn't get it at first. What's wrong with the name Anne? Then I put it all together...Yeah.

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