Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 103: There's a Rattle in My Prattle

Today absolutely flew by at work!  I was given an extra assignment (I actually scrapbooked some photos for one of our docs, if you can believe it) and it kept me occupied all the diddly-day long and I couldn't've been happier!  I also got to have lunch with a new friend and we really had a great time talking.  Today gave me the extra little boost I needed to make it through the rest of my work week. :)

Ha ha:
My sinuses are still a bit plugged from the last hangings-on of my cold.  One of my coworkers and one of the docs were standing by my desk when I tried to say something.  The words came out and so did the rattling sound of my sinuses.  Not sure why, but I thought it was a great opportunity to show them my Chewbacca impression.  So, there I was at my desk, utilizing the snot in my sinuses, to show my coworker and my boss just how cool I sound/look doing a Chewbacca impression.  When that wasn't enough, I decided to tell them about how I can still make that impression with or without the excess snot in my sinuses and how I used to be really good at it in high school.  But was that enough?  Nah.  I decided to show them that too, although it didn't go so well.  Come to think of it, in retrospect--none of this went well...for my reputation. :)

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  1. Haha! Next time we see you guys I totally want to hear your impression!