Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 109: You Had Me at Hello

I got on the elevator with a woman I've never met before.  We exchanged pleasantries and as she got off on her floor she said, "Have a good day."  I wished her the same.
This got me thinking a little bit, and perhaps a bit too much, but here goes.
How often do we just say something without really thinking about it?  I don't think I'd ever wish a bad day on someone I run into, but if I'm wishing them a good day, is there perhaps something more behind it I could do?  Maybe, hold the door for them, ask what their plans are for the day, compliment their outfit/shoes/tie, etc...?
And, if I've wished some random person a "good day", maybe the person I get mad at on the road, or any other person I may interact with during my day, had been wished a "good day" too by someone else.
If we've all been wished "good day"s, then maybe I should view my interactions with others in a new "good day" light.  What can I do/not do in my interactions with others to ensure their time with me fulfills their "good day" wishes?
I don't know.  It just seems like we get so comfortable with formalities that we end up not saying or doing the more important informalities (being patient in the checkout line, helping our neighbor rake their leaves, not judging others, stopping to strike up a conversation with someone who looks lonely, etc).  This brief exchange that took place on the elevator has since taken root in my heart.  I've been inspired to try to think beyond the pleasantries and really mean it (by doing something about it) when I wish someone a "good day".
I dunno, I did say I might be thinking about this too much.
Maybe next time I'll just take the stairs. ;)

Ha ha:
Clinton tells me (well, actually he shushes me) all the time that I talk really loudly, but especially so on the phone.  It's something I've been trying to work on for a while and thought I was doing better.
Well, as I was leaving work today I decided to make a phone call while walking down the hallway.  There was a woman about a pace-worth in front of me, and another couple people about 15 feet or so in front of her.  As my callee answered I said, "Hi, So and so, how are you?"  Everyone in the hallway turned around and looked at me.
I'm hoping they turned because they thought I was talking to them, but the more likely reality is, they turned to see who the heck was shouting.

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  1. Good thoughts on saying "have a good day." When I start getting annoyed with drivers on the road, I ask myself if I would be annoyed if it was "so and so." And usually the answer is no, so that helps me calm down. But I like how you took your thought a step further and thought about doing something to help them have a good day, too. I love this thought! I'll have to keep chewing on it!