Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 124: Always Read the Signs Thoroughly

I went to the grocery store to buy some medicine.  When I rang it up, it was a dollar extra than was posted.  Anyway, I had the checker come look at it and she said I was right.  While she was working on figuring it all out, I happened to see a little sign that said, "Free if wrong price is rung up".  I asked her what this meant and she said that if they overcharge a customer, then whatever the difference was is now payable to the customer.  I asked if that applied to this purchase, and sure enough, I got handed a crisp $1 bill!  (I think the item should have been free, but I was really hungry and just wanted to get home, so I thought the dollar was a good enough deal, but you can bet I'll be asking about it the next time I go to the store). :)

Ha ha:

Here's why you shouldn't leave a bag of open Skittles in your purse...

And here's a guy I'm guessing will be dressing up as Dracula this year...
Don't get it?  Read his last name... :)

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