Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 108: One Thing Led to Another

I happened to mention the "garment diaper" I found myself experiencing at work today (when your garments creep up your legs like a diaper instead of staying put by your knees).  My coworker asked about my garments and 45 minutes later we had discussed what garments symbolize, proxy work in temples, baptisms for the living, the restoration of the Gospel, personal revelation, agency, the structure of the church today (prophet, apostles, etc) and the afterlife!  It was a wonderful opportunity to share my testimony and to hear hers as well.  It is so refreshing to share religious views with someone you know outside of religious settings.  Talking about beliefs and finding commonalities among varying religions is very heartwarming, and feeling the spirit at work is even better!  I loved it!
It wasn't in a public dressing room (see yesterday's post), but my cubicle worked just fine. :)

Ha ha:
Peter is in rare form lately.  On our walk tonight I passed by two gentlemen talking in their driveway.  Peter ran right up to them to say 'hello'.  One of them bent down to pet him; he was holding a coffee or something and Peter wanted it.  Peter kept standing up and putting his paws on the guy's knees.  The guy thought Peter "was so friendly"; he kept saying, "what a good boy".  Little did he know that that's the phrase we use to give Peter permission to have his treat.  Peter thought the guy was offering him his good-smelling drink, so he'd put his paws on the guy's legs to get closer to it; the guy thought Peter was just looking for more 'loves'.  This cycle continued for several minutes.
The guy loved it, but I think Peter was a bit disappointed he didn't "get" anything out of it.  Ha!

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  1. It's so fun to share a bit of the gospel with someone who is interested! I love that!