Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 107: Fear Not

The other day I was trying on some shirts at Forever 21.  In the dressing room next to me was a mom and her 4-5 year-old daughter.  The daughter chattered away and the mom just kept "mm-hmm"ing while she changed.  Apparently, that wasn't enough attention so this little girl just started belting out Amazing Grace. She had a real gospel sound to her and I smiled while I listened.  Her mom tried shushing her, but every time she did she got louder and louder.  She had absolutely no inhibitions about praising the Lord in a public dressing room.  When she didn't quite know the words her mom would help her along and they eventually began to sing together.
If you've ever been in the dressing room of Forever 21, or any other store's dressing room, you'd know it's not exactly the easiest place to feel the spirit, but I certainly did then.  It was a wonderful teaching opportunity for this mother to discuss the gospel with her daughter.  It was a wonderful teaching tool for me to hear that no matter where you are or who may be listening, if an opportunity comes for you to share your testimony with someone (whether it be your child or a friend, etc) do it!  Don't be shy about it and follow the sweet feelings the spirit brings...even if it happens in a public dressing room! :)

Ha ha:
I took Peter for a walk tonight and ran into one of our neighbors out walking his great dane (aka, small horse).  Peter's not usually intimidated by dogs so he approached Prince (the great dane) and gave him a good sniff.  Well, I stood and visited with the owner for a few minutes and I was telling him how Peter is really good with other dogs and not really one to be intimidated by big dogs either.  As I'm saying this, I can feel the leash wrapping around my legs.  I look down to see that Peter has walked behind me and is hiding behind my legs but has his face poking between my ankles.  I sorta laugh and say that it appears he's "gone chicken".  The other owner replies, "It looks like he's defending you actually."
Yeah.  You go on thinking that.  I think we both know that's not the case.  Ha ha!

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