Thursday, October 20, 2011

Days 116 & 117: I Love My Family

Well, as I said yesterday, I am home for a brief visit with my fam-a-lam.  My trip has been wonderful so far!
Yesterday, I got to surprise my niece and nephew by picking them up from school.  The suprised-look on their faces made my day!  We played all afternoon and when it was time for bed, they asked me to tuck them in.  A good tucking-in by your's truly was not enough; I had to sing them a song too.  If you know me at all, you'll know that I am an EXTREMELY emotional person.  I cry at everything and especially things involving my family.  Well, needless to say, I cried through the whole thing (fortunately they couldn't tell).  My niece was grabbed my hand and held it up to her face.  After I finished singing I looked up to find her fast asleep still holding my hand.  Um...yeah, that made me cry more (I'm tearing up typing about it).  Gosh, I love my family.  It is so nice to be home!
Today, I went into my brother's dental office to have him look at a tooth that's been bothering me.  I am pretty much terrified of dental work, so I was not looking forward to this visit.  He decided what needed to be done and although he could have repaired it today, he decided to wait until I could have some valium and be calm.  Although it would be nice to have it done today, I can at least be rest assured that I'll be much more relaxed about it tomorrow!  Keep me in your prayers, k?

Ha ha:
I was playing duck, duck, goose with my sister's kids yesterday.  We were having a great time but my nephew was really wanting to be picked.  As his older sister was making her duck-duck rounds, he would whisper "oh, you should really call me goose".  This went on for several rounds until she "goosed" me (no pun intended).  I was sure to listen to his little goosey prompting the next time around. :)
Today, I was playing hide-and-go-seek with this same set of kids.  It was my nephew's turn to seek.  I laid down in the child-pose inside the bathtub.  He looked and looked but couldn't find me.  With a little help from Grammy, I heard the bathroom door open and the patter of little feet running towards the tub.  The curtains pulled back and I hear, "I found you Aunt Dani!"  I told him had and as I was getting back up, he leaned over the tub, pulled his hands up to his mouth and whispered, "Aunt Dani, I saw a little bit of your panties." 
I guess the next time I hide in the child-pose I'll wear a belt...or a longer shirt. :)

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