Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 105: Beauty and the Beast

While Clinton studied this afternoon, I took Peter to an unofficial dog park I was recently told about (grounds from the old insane asylum, kinda creepy, I know) .  We had a great time in the 80 degree weather.  Here are some pictures from today--

I was trying to have some quiet time today so I could speak with the Lord.  Every time I opened my mouth, my thoughts were interrupted by loud screams and voices from our neighbor's kids next door.  I was starting to lose my patience a little bit, so I thought I'd listen to a talk from General Conference to bring the Spirit back into the room.  I kept hearing the neighbors outside, but it didn't bother me as much.  I was enjoying the talk and the feeling of peace from its message.  Anyway, once the talk ended I noticed it was especially quiet.  My neighbors had gone back inside.
I'm so grateful for the inspiration to watch something that brought me peace and happiness.  I could have stewed and become upset about my neighbors, but listening to the talk distracted me long enough to avoid all of that.  What a great feeling!

Ha ha:
One of my friends has become interested in photography and got a group of us girls together for a "photo sesh".  We drove out to the country to one of my coworker's farm and had a blast!

Well, in order to have good lighting, we had to get up quite early on a Saturday.  So, last night as I was saying my prayers, I asked the Lord to let everything go smoothly as I was getting ready so I wasn't late and so I didn't end up looking like crapola.  Well, my makeup turned out great (one potential disaster averted), so I began treading lightly as I fixed my hair, but it too looked amazing.  I couldn't believe how well this was going.  As I decided to take one last looksie-do at my locks, I turned my back to my mirror but couldn't quite see.  I leaned back a little, but still couldn't see one side of my head, so I leaned back a little more and...lost my balance.  I totally fell over into my full length mirror and heard (and felt) a loud cracking sound.  I turned to see the perfect impression of my butt cracked (no pun intended) into my mirror.  I had to wake Clinton up so he could get the glass off of me before I ran out the door.  I didn't even notice until I bent over to put on my shoes that my thumb was bleeding.  Apparently that caught some of the shatter as well.  Oh, dear.

As grateful as I was to have my hair and makeup go so well, next time I think I'll specify to the Lord that He also keep me from danger. :)

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  1. Wow! What gorgeous pictures! And I'm sorry about your mirror. That sounds painful. Can' wait to see the pics!