Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 111: I Only Needed One But Got Two

Clinton was supposed to be on call till 9pm tonight but I got a call from him at 6 saying he was on his way home!  We got to have our date night after all! :)...and did involve a trip to the mall! Ha!

Ha ha:
I needed to run some errands tonight but was without a car.  I emailed the Relief Society sisters to see if anyone would be able to lend me their car.  I got a call from one of them and she consented!  What a relief!  I walked over to her place and picked up her car at about 5:40pm, drove back home, ran inside to eat something really quick before leaving.  That's when I got the call from Clinton saying he'd be home soon.  Turns out I didn't need her car, so it sat in my driveway for an hour or two till I drove it right back to her place...2 blocks away.  Thanks for the extra-quick trips, Whitney! :)

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