Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 126: Some Stories from My Life

I went out to lunch yesterday with a friend of mine (yes, it was IHOP).  While we were there we somehow got onto the topic of the Atonement.  I never thought I would say I've born my testimony of the Atonement in an IHOP, but I guess that place is as holy a place as any (to me ;) to do so.
Anyway, we were reflecting on hard times in our lives and I shared with her my most difficult times.  I talked about how once I was literally able to give all of my heartache and frustrations and fears to the Lord, and allowed myself to trust in his power to hear and heal me--I was finally "set free" from my burden.  I knew the Savior had suffered specifically for me and that he truly knew what I was feeling and that through His power I was healed.
Beside sharing all of this over pancakes and eggs, it was a really neat experience for me to realize how far I really have come.  I still experience hard times (and will through the rest of my life, we all will) but I feel like a better person after having experienced everything I have thus far.
I am so very, very far from where I should and could be, but I feel like I'm also so very, very far from where I used to be; and really, I think that's something the Lord knows and is proud of too.

Ha ha:
Clinton and I were getting ready to fall asleep on Friday night.  Right before doing so, Clinton started reading this website (I don't know what it is) that contains clever titles with could-be real names that match the title...for example:
Irish Landscaping, by Moses O'Lahn (aka-Mows his own lawn)
Anyway, we then started thinking of our own and were awake for the next 45 minutes coming up with others.  Here's our list and we'd love to hear what you come up with...

  • Self Defense, by Iva Gunn
  • Humility, by Ida Best
  • How to Lose Weight, by E. Tless
  • Accomplish Something, by Moe T. Vation
  • Life as a Police Officer, by Kellin Rob Burz
  • My Husband's Promises, by Sadie Wood
  • My Wife's Promises, by Hugh Wish
  • French Women, by Harry Pitts
  • Three Strikes, by Hugh Route
  • My Ex-Wife, by Terry Bull Scank
  • The Family, by Dale. E. Feights
  • The Hernia Check, by Turner, Head & Kauff
  • Counting Made Simple, by Wanda Tin
So fun!  Ha ha!


  1. The Blind Man by Ike & Tsi.

    Okay, y'all are much better at that than I am. :) Loved them. Moe T. Vation. Ha, ha. :)