Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 220: Name Them One By One

Here is a small, but sincere list of blessings from today--
  1.  I woke up right before my alarm went off and was wide awake for my first day back to work after a great vacation.
  2.  I made it through my first day back to work after a great vacation!  (So hard to go back to work!)
  3.  I was asked to make a change to the calendar by The Intimidator and right after was pulled away from my desk before I could make the change.  I totally forgot about it until a few minutes later when I had a little prompting reminding me to make the change.  Phew!
  4.  I walked home from work in 52 degree weather and saw that most of the snow has melted!!!
  5.  One of my students didn't show up for her lesson, so I had a nice little unexpected break between dinner and my next student.
  6.  I had a little extra time this evening to snuggle with Clinton and Petey!  So nice!

Ha ha:
My coworker just told me that while I was away from my desk a couple weeks ago Dr. Ditty came by and asked if her to "give Denise (aka, me) this paperwork" he had.  He had no idea what my name was!  Denise-Danielle--whatever they both start with "D"!
This reminded me of the time that he came up to me and said, "Hey..." (long pause while he looked at my name badge)..."uh...(another stare)...can you take care of this for me?"  Ha ha!  Even looking at my badge he didn't know my name and I've worked there for 2 years!  Ha!

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