Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 211: I've Still Got IT

I have been singing for how many years now? and I still deal with nerves!  It probably would have helped if I had actually practiced my song before this morning :/, but as I started to sing this morning in church I simply couldn't catch my breath.  I quickly said a little prayer that my nerves would calm down and sure enough after a few stumbly phrases my nerves relaxed and I was able to get the words and notes out without much interference.
I'm thankful that the Lord heard my urgent plea for help and sent peace and comfort to my panicked soul!

Ha ha:
1.  I visited with a woman after church ended who was visiting our ward from the stake.  She kindly complimented me on my song and said that while I was singing she and her friend were having a debate about how old I was.
What is she, a laurel? (young women ages 16-18)
No, she's gotta be a miamaid. (young women ages 14-15)
No, she looks too poised to be a young woman, I think she's an adult.  Could be married.
No, I say she's a teenager.
Apparently this conversation went back and forth, unnoticed by me, for the duration of my song.  She said that it wasn't until Sunday School when she saw a ring on my finger that she turned to her friend and said, "Ha!  I was right.  She is an adult, and married too!"
That's the third time this week that someone thought I was under the age of 18!  I guess that's a good thing?

2.  During church I found myself having some tender feelings for my poor studying husband back home and thought it would be nice to send him a quick little text to let him know I was thinking about him...
Me:  I sure love you HB!  I'm very proud of you!  You are amazing!
He:  Are you drunk?
Hmm, that didn't go over quite like I was thinking it would...

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  1. How fun that you got to sing! I wish I could have heard you! And way to go looking young. Drew got asked if he was over 18 as we got on the cruise ship. It made me laugh! He is almost 30!