Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 199: Skids and Snuggles

It's the small and simple things, right?  Well, today I had the special pleasure of being able to come home with no responsibilities and was thus able to lay on the couch and read a book!  What's even better than that?--a nap on the couch whilst snuggling with my pup.  This evening was amazing!

Ha ha:
I was sitting at my desk and could hear that my coworker was talking on the phone a few feet away from me.  When she finished her call she turned to us and announced, "Well, it's official:  I have skids in my undies." Baffled at her blunt declaration, I said, "What?  You have skids in your undies??"  "No!", she said, "I've scared off my neighbors.  They're selling their house."
BIG difference!

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  1. I love that I get to be a recurring character in you blog :)