Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 212: Is This A Test?

Seeing the smile on my husband's face as he walked out from his boards exam was THE BEST part of my day!  What a huge relief that he's done (this exam was seven months in the making) and even better, that he feels good about it!  Oh, what a wonderful blessing!!!  Congratulations, H.B.!!!  I am so proud of you!  LOVE YOU!

Ha ha:
Today at work, Dr. Simpatico came up to me and asked if I could help him with something.  He pointed to a box I had on my desk that had an image of three arrows in a circle, like the Recycle symbol, and while running his finger over the circular shape asked, "If I wanted to do something like this (circle, circle)...?"
"Recycle?", I asked.
He started laughing, "No.  Make this symbol on the computer, could you help me with that?"
Me:  (laughing), "Oh, of course!"
He:  (laughing), "Recycle.  You are very funny!"
He passed by my desk a couple minutes later, shook his head side-to-side and started laughing again.  Then he saw my supervisor, pointed to me and told her I was "the funny lady".
I totally thought he wanted to recycle.  Ha ha!


  1. Congrats to Clinton for finishing his exams! And I TOTALLY thought recycle too.

  2. That was HILARIOUS! I am so glad Dr. Simpatico has a sense of humor - fits in well with the front of the office at least! He is pretty awesome - we really lucked out. By the way, if I DID want to actually recycle, could you help me with that? (:-P)