Wednesday, January 4, 2012

193: Here's One Invention I Missed...Earplugs!!

Day 8 of 10 in listing 100 things for which I'm grateful:
Modern Inventions:

  1. Computers/Skype/Internet
  2. Cars
  3. Airplanes
  4. Cell phones
  5. Medicine
  6. Cameras/Camcorders
  7. GPS
  8. Contact lenses/my shell
  9. Antibacterial hand gel (Santa sets me up every Christmas for the next year!)
  10. Household appliances (indoor plumbing included)

Ha ha:
I was woken up around 3am this morning with the following question from my sleeping husband:  "Oh, man!  Are you tired?"
I replied, "Yes, I'm pretty tired."
He finished with, "Ugh, me too!"
So glad he woke me up so he could discover we were both tired, although the fact that we were both sound asleep should have given it away...LOL!

1 comment:

  1. That is hilarious!! And I am very grateful for the things you are, too. :) I just wish I remembered to bring my earplugs to movies more often! :)