Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 221: Can You Hear Me Now?

A few weeks ago I realized that I was becoming rather lazy in saying my prayers.  I'd get into bed, read my scriptures, turn out my light, turn on my fan and THEN roll onto my side to say my prayers/fall asleep--not a good system for heartfelt prayers.  Anyway, I made a commitment with the Lord during sacrament meeting to be better about saying my prayers and asked for a "spiritual nudge" if I started to climb into bed without saying my prayers first.  Sure enough, last night as I was preparing to jump into bed and rest my weary head, I had a little reminder from the spirit to kneel beside my bed to say my prayers.  I promptly knelt down and was able to enjoy a few moments of reflection and connection with my Heavenly Father.  :)

Ha ha:
My cold is passing (yippee!) but my ears are still rather plugged--here's an example from today.
There are two docs in our office who know very little about computers and require a lot of extra help from the assistants whenever a computer issue arises.  One of my coworkers came back from such an occurrence rolling her eyes.  When asked what was wrong she said, "Oh, it's just Casper's junky shoes again."      "What?", I asked.  "What do his shoes have to do with anything?".  
"No," she replied, "not his shoes--it's technical issues again."
"Oh, that makes much more sense."

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