Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 207: We Were Both Looking for Boxes This Morning, but for Two VERY Different Reasons

Some might wonder why I'm posting--my period started today!--as a blessing (or why I'd even post something so personal in the first place-ha!).  The reason it's a blessing is because I was due to start next Tuesday and that's the day that Clinton and I take our fun-filled, long over due trip to Florida and now I won't be bloated or have diarrhea and terrible cramps during my vacation!  I'll get it all over with beforehand.  Yay!

Ha ha:
I had the pleasure of participating in another one of Clinton's sleep conversing this morning while I was getting ready for work:
He:  (sits up, checks his phone for the time and then looks at me with sleepy eyes)  Where did you put that box?
Me:  What box?
He:  (pointing at the floor with a rather floppy wrist)  You know.
Me:  No, I don't know.
He:  (still confused)  The box.
Me:  What box?
He:  (again, with the floppy-writsted pointing at the floor)  The box for the program.
Me:  I don't know what you're talking about.  I think you're still asleep, Honey.
He:  (falling back onto his pillow and closing his eyes)  No.  I need to just gather my thoughts.  (he was out again in seconds)

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