Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 214: Paying...A Compliment

EPCOT!  We had an AMAZING time walking around the park today.  The weather was unbelievable and seeing all of the cool exhibits for all of the different countries was a blast.  We finished the day off with fireworks and a light display.  FANTASTIC!
When we walked up to purchase our tickets the lady behind the counter asked if we'd ever been here before.  We told her this was our first visit...about 20 minutes later we'd heard about her grandchildren, her health (dental and physical), her family, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and how they work with patients/families at Disney World and just how wonderful the parks at Disney are--I'm thinking, how's about you give us a chance to get inside those pearly gates to see for ourselves??--and then her eyes welled up and she talked about how she hoped that we too could experience our own "Happily Ever After" moment.
Suddenly my heart changed a little bit and I truly began to feel the Disney spirit.  This lady, who was a complete and total stranger 20 minutes ago, had opened her heart to us and I knew her wish for us to find happiness extended beyond the attractions and festivities of Disney.  What a sweet lady and what a wonderful way to start our adventure!

 Here we are in EPCOT's Mexico with our favorite, Donald Duck.

 In Morocco, we went to a delicious restaurant.  The atmosphere was so cool and the food was great!

 The grounds were absolutely beautiful as the sun was setting

 I think this next pic was during/after the fireworks.  So much fun!!

Ha ha:
I got a picture with my favourite Disney princess, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)!  Yes, I think I was the only adult in line, but who cares, right?  Anyway, as I approached her, she turned to me, took a graceful bow and said (in her princess voice), "Oh my!  Aren't you a beautiful princess?  And what a lovely...(stroking my shirt)...outfit you're wearing."  Ha!

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