Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 218: Happy to See Us

Coming home after a great trip is always a little sad, but coming home to a pup that is as excited to see you are you are to see him is always great!  When we walked through the door Peter went crazy.  He jumped into my arms and gave me tons of kisses.  Then he ran out into the living room and jumped up on Clinton's lap.  He was a ball of excited energy and he brought us all of his toys to play with until he got so tired he passed out on our laps.
Anytime one of us sits down Peter is right up on our laps.  He is so happy to have us back and we're happy to be back too.

Ha ha:
During my Skype session with my sister and her kids last night, Clinton joined in so the kids could visit with him too.  I asked my niece to share some jokes with Clinton.  All of her jokes were essentially the same thing, but one in particular really had us laughing.
They went a little something like this:
Niece:  Knock, knock.
Us:  Who's there?
Niece:  __________(fill in with any object)
Us:  ________ who?
Niece:  (holding up a drawing of the object coming out of a pair of pants and a speech bubble that said, "Hello, my name is _____ pants!")
She'd start laughing and would get up again and again to recreate her joke with some new object.  The one that really had us in stitches/really concerned was "Banana Pants".  Let's just say we were all glad there was a speech bubble on that one!

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