Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 204: This Got My Attention

The lesson in Relief Society today was from "Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith".  There is a quote from it that I'd like to share as one of my new favorites:

I want to say that at this particular period of our lives we need to exercise charity, not only in imparting of our substance to those who are in need, but we need to have charity for the weaknesses and failures and mistakes of our Father’s children.

This quote is part of a speech shared with the saints during the years of the Great Depression.
I don't really know that there's much else I need to say about this quote other than I think being charitable with the weaknesses, failures and mistakes of ALL of God's children (that includes you and me) is probably the best, most poignant piece of advice I can think of.  I think if we all spent a little bit more time being kind, forgiving and understanding/tolerant of others and ourselves, that there could be a whole lot more unity and love in this world.

Ha ha:
I was Skype-ing with my sister's kids and towards the end of our conversation (right at their bedtime) they started to get rather silly.  Here's how the last part of our conversation went:
Niece:  Aunt Dani, how do you get a boy's attention?
Me:  I dunno.  Is this a joke?
Niece:  You whack him with a stick! (laughter)
Me:  (laughter)
My nephew wanted to get in on the laughs so he quickly asked:
Nephew:  Aunt Dani, how do you get Uncle Clinton's attention?
Me:  (laughing)  I'll tell you when you're older. :)


  1. Riley was very upset he didn't get to tell you good bye. I kept reminding him that he was the one that hung up on you. Maybe next week he'll say bye first...

  2. I taught that lesson in our ward! I loved studying it. A great topic. I thot of you alot because you are such a good example of charity and love of fellow man to me. Mom