Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 202: What If I Were You and You Were Me?

Having a rather intense hankering for some soda I made a quick trip down to the hospital cafeteria (prices are still expensive, but at least I'm paying for more than just a sip of soda!).  Anyway, after I'd paid what I worked 10 minutes to afford, I made my way back to my office.
As I was leaving the dining room I saw a really cute black woman, sitting by herself and preparing her meal.  She glanced up at me and flashed a really beautiful smile.  I smiled back.  I continued past her but stopped and said, "You're hair is adorable!"  It took her a second to realize I'd paid her a compliment.
She turned back to me, smiled again and said, "Thank you!"  After another quick pause, she repeated, "Thank you."
I have no idea what her circumstance is but being a family member at a children's hospital is almost never a cause for celebration.  I felt like I really made her day by complimenting her--and that feeling made my day!
While I made my reflective trip back to the office, I couldn't help but think of this quote:
Ha ha:
I ran upstairs to kiss Clinton goodbye and to have prayer before I left for work.  He's been going to bed REALLY late so by the time I come in to say "I'm leaving" he's still in really deep sleep.  Makes for some rather funny interactions.  Like this one from today:
Me:  'K, bye Honey, I gotta go.
He:  (Opens his eyes really big, with a completely confused look on his face) What?!
Me:  I have to go.
He:  (Sounding like I'm telling him I'm leaving him...for good)  What?  Why?!
Me:  I have to go to work.  Love ya.
He:  (Scrunching his eyebrows)  I'm you and you're me?
Me:  (Laughing)  I think you're still asleep.  Love you!
I told him about this when I got home from work and he started laughing and then said, "Boy, I really am funny!"  Oh, he's just so humble. :)

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