Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 192: Subway, Eat...Here Often?

Day 7 of 10 in listing 100 things for which I'm grateful:
Places on Earth:
  1. The Portland Temple
  2. My home
  3. Portland, Oregon (with my fam)
  4. Grande Prairie, Alberta (with my husband's fam)
  5. Disneyland/world
  6. Banff, Alberta 
  7. Columbia River Gorge
  8. Vancouver, British Columbia (lived there the first 6 months of our marriage and we hope to end up there after graduation...for good!)
  9. Beauty Supply stores
  10. Subway Restaurants
Ha ha:
I stayed home sick from work again today.  After being cooped up in my house for 3 days, and feeling a little better, I couldn't take the solitude much longer.  I got in the car and drove to Subway for dinner.  When my sandwich was passed to the toppings person, without looking at me, he looked at my sandwich and said, "I know this sandwich.  Your boyfriend (aka, my husband, Clinton) was in here yesterday wasn't he?"  I laughed sheepishly and said, "Uh, yah."
Here's to hoping that I feel well enough tomorrow to not have to grace Subway with our apparently well-known presence. :)

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