Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 194: Some People Eat to Live, but I Live to Eat!

Day 9 of 10 in listing 100 things for which I'm grateful:
Foods (Oh dear! Where do I begin??):

  1. Pancakes, Scrambled Egg Whites and Hash Browns (I also enjoy a giant bowl or two of cereal)
  2. Salads of any sort
  3. Stuffed Mushrooms
  4. Subway Footlong
  5. Fruits/Veggies
  6. Homemade Bread
  7. French Fries and a Burger
  8. Dark, DARK chocolate
  9. McDonalds' Ice Cream Cones
  10. Any sort of steak or roast
  11. The list could literally go on and on.  Should I be worried that this, of all the lists I've made thus far, was the easiest to write?
Ha ha:
I don't know if this is funny or just really sad, but I finished working out for the first time in probably 8 months and I can barely move my arms...or legs.  
I'm not kidding.
But I don't need to worry too much--you know what they say, the second day's always worse than the first!...Oh, crap!

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