Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 362: Making Things Come Out Properly

Went to my friend Chelsey's house tonight to enjoy a little VDGNO (Vampire Diaries Girl's Night Out).  She's due with her first baby today and is really ready for him to come.  When I got there I asked how she was doing.  She said, "Aren't you the baby whisperer?  Can you make him come out?"  I asked if she rubs her Achilles' tendon/heel as that is thought to induce labor.  She said she hadn't tried it so I rubbed her poor little swollen ankle for 2 VD episodes.  She had a couple contractions, but nothing major.  My hope is that we maybe got something started, but even if we didn't, I'm so glad I could help provide her some relief for a little while. :)  Good luck, Chels.  He'll come soon enough!!

Ha ha:
Dr. Forgetful came up to me this morning and we had the following conversation:
Me:  Yes, sir?
He:  Um...I made a poo-poo this morning...
Me:  (cringe)  Uh, why are you telling me this? (laughing)  That's pretty personal stuff.
He:  No, not literally.  Well, literally, but I made uh, uh...?
Me:  Faux pas?
He:  Yes!  That's it.  Oh, man.
After laughing about this ALL DAY, it dawned on me later this evening that I think the phrase he meant to use from the beginning was that he'd made a "boo-boo", not a "poo-poo".  Oh, too funny!!

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