Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 345: Absolutely Smitten

Okay, so this happened on Sunday but this will count as "Monday's post".
At the very end of the winter before last I bought a wonderful pair of mittens (usually quite expensive, for about $40) and they worked beautifully to keep my little hands warm and dry during the bitter Wisconsin winter.  Well, at the beginning of this last winter I lost one of my mittens somewhere between the door of the church and my car.  Each week I looked at the Lost and Found to see if my mitten had been turned in, but sadly it never was.  I became resolved to the fact that I would be one mitten short until I could afford another pair.
Well, this past Sunday I noticed that the Lost and Found items had been spread out on about 4 of those really long, white church tables.  I knew I would only be disappointed if I looked, but for some reason I decided to take a gander.  One of my friend's little boy was perusing as well, quietly looking through the loot to see if anything looked good to him.  I lifted a pile here, shoved a pile there before moving to the next.  And then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted--what looked like--my black mitten.  I took a quick breath and slowly lifted the pile I was holding until...eureka!  My mitten!  I screamed, "My mitten!  My mitten!  I've found my mitten!"  My friend's little boy looked up at me, startled, so I quickly apologized for shouting, thanked him for sharing his testimony during Sacrament meeting and ran out of the room waiving my mitten in the air.
After MONTHS of checking, I finally had found my mitten!  I realize that summer's just beginning, but I am so happy to have my wonderfully toasty and oh-so-missed mitten back!  Together at last!

Ha ha:
After the above occurred, I ran out into the hallway and announced to my friends that I had finally found my mitten!  They said that the look on my face was that of pure joy.  Ha ha!
As I literally skipped my way out of the building, I ran across my friend whose little boy I'd frightened earlier and apologized.  She said, "Oh, don't worry about it.  He told me he thought it was cute."  Ha ha!
I guess there's nothing quite like finding something you've been searching for for so long...and apparently it brings smiles to others as well.

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