Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 351: How Wondrous but Not So Great

I was asked to sub as the pianist in RS on Sunday and I said "Yes" before I realized the difficulty of one of the songs.  Well, I practiced and practiced and practiced.  I probably played it 75 times in 3 days.  At any rate, Sunday came and everything went much better than I could have hoped (or how I thought it would turn out after those first few tries).  My nerves were calm and I was able to do my best!  Though, sometimes our best isn't always that great. :)

Ha ha:
The first song I played was the easier of the two so I had the whole class to get nervous for the closing hymn (#274, "How Wondrous and Great"--3 sharps!).  The time came.
I walked up to the bench.  Said a silent prayer.  Placed my hesitant fingers on those keys so white (and black) and began to play.
The first verse went without a hitch!  I couldn't believe it!  My heart raced a little as I realized I only had to play one more time through and I'd be DONE (that, and I was super excited that I'd done well so far)!
Finally, the second/last verse.  I said another little prayer and began to play.
1st stanza--well played!
2nd stanza--amazing!  (You're doing it Dani!)
3rd stanza--flawless!  (You are on the home stretch!)
It was down to the last stanza.  My fingers flew across the keys; we were one they and I.  I could see that I was approaching the very last measure.  It's okay to be confident now, you're just almost...and that's when it happened.  My fingers seized and forgot their purpose, randomly striking two nearby notes (the wrong ones).  The very last two notes of the song were waaay off.
I managed to snort out a quick, "Sorry" before hanging my head and laughing silently throughout the entirety of the closing prayer.
Oh well.

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