Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 350: Pseudo Funny

One of my friends was recently diagnosed with Pseudotumor cerebri and has really been out for the count.  She had a lumbar puncture and a blood patch on her spine and has been experiencing severe headaches as well as stiffness in her back.  She can't get up, bend over or lift and she has 3 kids under the age of 4.  Poor thing!
My friend Chels and I decided to pay her a quick little visit on Saturday to see how things were going and ended up staying for about 3 hours.  We helped bathe and feed the kids, changed the sheets, put away dishes and then just visited.  It was hard to see her so incapacitated, but it felt so good to help!  She's continuing to improve--thank goodness--but if you'd like to keep her and her little family in your prayers it would be much appreciated!

Ha ha:
Earlier in the day, Clinton and I went to McDonald's for some ice cream cones.  When we pulled into the parking lot we were talking about future plans of how we'd like things to go when we eventually end up in Canada.  Anyway, Clinton apparently had McDonald's on the brain because he said, "Yah, when we move to McDonald's...I mean Canada."  Naturally, I started laughing and teasing him for his blunder.
He didn't think it was as funny.

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