Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 347: iLike What I See

Since the evenings have been so beautiful these last few days I've decided to take advantage of them and have been taking Peter for some long walks.  Today while I was rounding a long bend, I just took an extra moment to breathe in deeply the fresh air; I took in the beautifully cut grass and enjoyed the colors of the setting sun; and I thought to myself, My, what a beautiful world!
Though these aren't from today, I've been taking pictures of some the cute bunnies that roam these parts and thought I'd share.  I hate the "presents" they leave in my yard (Peter disagrees) but they sure are cute to look at.

Ha ha:
I came home to find Clinton chatting with a friend on FB.  When I asked him who it was, this is how our conversation went.
Me:  Who are you talking to?
He:  (silence)
Me:  I mean, with whom are you speaking?
He:  No one.
Me:  Yes you are.  I can hear your phone bleeping with each message.
He:  That's not my phone.
Me:  Fine, your iPod.
He:  I don't have an iPod.
Me:  Fine, your iPad.
He:  I don't have an iPad, Danielle.
Me:  Yes you do.
He:  No, I have an iPad 2.  It's time you get it straight.
(sigh)  I swear, I can NEVER just get a straight and simple answer outta that kid!

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  1. By the way, this conversation sounds a lot more serious than it actually was.