Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 349: Run Away

I have decided to take up running again.  Who knows how long I'll keep it up, but I thought, If I'm gonna do this right, I should talk with someone who really knows their stuff.  So, naturally I decided to call my brother who is an amazing athlete (at least a twice-over triathlete and has done 4 marathons).  Anyway, I gave him a call and we chatted for a little while.  He gave me some tips to try and a website or two to look at for further direction.  It wasn't a long phone call by any means, but it was really nice to just visit with him for a bit.  He said if I do the Chicago marathon before we move that he'll come out and run it with me. :)  I'll do my best Derek!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I drove by a building that reminded us of some people we used to know who--shall we say--were known for being less than entertaining.  Clinton sarcastically said, "Oh, don't you remember so-and-so?  Being with them was always such a gas!"
It seemed to me that he hadn't quite finished his thought so I quickly replied, "Chamber."

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