Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 343: Scrapes and Schmoozes

Grateful for good friends and ward members.  I had a bit of an accident with the back passenger door of our car and the frame of our garage on Saturday, and was beside myself with guilt, frustration and just plain feeling stupid.  Clinton was on call and I didn't know what to do.  Here are my thank yous.
1.  My next door neighbor, Zack.  He came out and helped me move my car safely back into the garage and tried to make me feel better by telling me about the time that something similar happened to him.
2.  My home teacher, Tyce.  He researched how to get the garage paint off my car and then came over and got it off.  He also gave me some ideas of where to go to get the paint I'd scraped off of my car repaired.
3.  My friend, Mel.  She came right over when I called her crying.  She gave me a hug and then started putting away my groceries.  She then sat with me while I called some repair shops and made sure I was okay.  And then, she drove me to Gigi's Cupcakes to get some cupcakes.
4.  My friend, Antonio.  He used to work in the pit crew for Nascar and offered to do the repairs on my car for free.
Thank you everyone for being so kind to this poor little do-do bird.

Ha ha:
Nothing makes you forget your sorrows like dessert, am I right?
Yah, that's a chocolate chip cookie cupcake with cookie dough frosting and a cookie topper.  
It's basically unbelievable!

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