Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 355: Sweet Surprises

During our GNO on Tuesday, my friends and I decided to make a lunch date to go get Gigi's Cupcakes today.  However I had another appointment come up, and didn't want to skip out of work twice in one day, so I told my friends to go without me this time and that I'd be ready next time.
Right around 1 or so, I heard the office door open and before I could look up to see who it was, a boxed up Gigi's Cupcake was set down on the desk in front of me.  I looked up and saw Mel (and her baby Sadie), Chels and Jenna--all smiling at me.  They told me they were sad I couldn't come but didn't want me to miss out so they brought the cupcake (and surprise visit) to me!
I feel so very loved...and satisfied!!!
Gigi's Lemon Dream Supreme

Ha ha:
I jumped up to give them all hugs and to thank them for thinking of me.  One of them leaned in and said, "I expect to see this later on your blog."  I laughed and told her I would FOR SURE be posting about it, however I don't think she realized I was also referring to her comment.  Surprise!
Too funny!

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