Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 354: Clinton in Action

Right as I was leaving work yesterday I got a call from Clinton.  Turns out he was on the floor below me and called to meet up (commence "aww"ing).  Anyway, we made a quick run for dinner cause he was going to be at the school all night studying.
On our way back from the restaurant (if that's what you'd call Taco Bell), we came across an accident involving a downed-scooterist and an SUV.
It all happened so fast, Clinton parked the car in the middle of the road, jumped out and ran right over to the victim.  I pulled out my phone and called 9-1-1 and then got out to redirect traffic.  It turns out that the scooterist ran into the back of the SUV and will be OK, but he was still hurt.  Clinton was there by the victim's side the whole time, making sure he kept his helmet on to avoid any potential head/neck injuries and helping him stay still/calm while he made sure he was OK.
I had my back to it all while I was redirecting traffic, but each time I turned around to see how everything was going, I couldn't help but be filled with so much gratitude and pride for my sweetheart.  He was so calm and unafraid (at least he appeared to be on the outside), and I caught a little glimpse of what he'll be like when he's as an actual doctor: caring, genuine, determined, gentle, calming and oh-so smart.  Though the whole situation was so surreal, I couldn't help but feel gratitude.  This poor man was surrounded by caring/skilled professionals, the accident took place just off of the medical campus so help arrived swiftly, I was able to help keep everyone safe from traffic and Clinton got to do what he loves people feel better.

Ha ha:
During times of stress (typically around exam time) Clinton has night terrors.  I kid you not, my mom asked me last week when Clinton's next exam was to see if he'd had his night terror yet.  I had told her that his exam was a couple weeks off so it could be any day.  Well, it's happened.
When I came home from work today he asked if I noticed him jump out of bed last night.  I told him that all seemed familiar cause I barely slept as it was, but needed him to recap.  He said that he opened his eyes and noticed a giant "stick-like" bug crawling up his chest.  He flung his arms out to "get it off of him" and then jumped to the end of the bed to look down at "it" on the floor.  He noticed his bag across the room and swore it was the bug so he leapt off the bed and ran out of the room.
At this point in his story, I stopped him and thanked him for leaving me alone in the room with "the bug" to fend for myself.
Anyway, he said when he got into the bathroom and flipped on the light he suddenly woke up and realized he had been hallucinating.  He finished by saying that even though he knew it had all been a dream, it was still pretty creepy to crawl back into bed.
Oh my.  I think in our almost-nine-years of marriage, Clinton's probably had about 20 of these terrors.  Looking forward to the rest of forever, Dear. :)

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