Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 242: Two Pillows with a Side of Bacon

As I was preparing dinner (bacon/tomato sandwiches) I realized we were almost out of bread.  So, after getting some Subway (ha!) we stopped at the store to get some more.  Anyway, if I hadn't attempted to make sandwiches for dinner last night I wouldn't have noticed I needed bread until I tried using it to make my sandwiches for work the next morning!

Ha ha:
Clinton asked me last night if I remembered what happened yesterday morning.  I told him, "vaguely" and so he clued me in.  He said that he woke up and noticed he didn't have one of his pillows and assumed that since mine was halfway on his other pillow that I had stolen it and he should take it back.  Without warning he pulled mine out from under my sleeping head and I shouted, "Hey!"  He replied, "You took my pillow."  In my sleepy stupor I said, "No, it's mine.  Nice try!"  He looked down and saw it on the floor.  "Oh, I guess you're right."
He said I reacted as if he had this diabolical plan to steal my pillow.
I can even crack mysteries with my eyes closed!

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