Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 243: He Knows Me So Well :)

I had a "Sweet Treat" at work today when my H.B. brought me my Speedway Thursday drink!  I usually have to run outside to get it, but today he came all the way into my office and said, "hello".  I got me two drinks today:  A cool drink of Diet Coke and a tall glass of Handsome Honey.  Thanks, H.B.!!

Ha ha:
As mentioned above, usually Clinton calls me when he's approaching my work for me to run down and grab my drink.  He did so today and told me he was right around the corner.  I ran down the stairs and waited for about seven minutes and he didn't show.  Feeling a little worried (thanks Mom) and thinking he may have gotten into an accident (thanks again, Ma), I ran back upstairs to call him.  When I came inside my coworker told me he'd called and was coming inside the building instead.  "Oh, good.  What I relief.  I was getting worried and thought he may have gotten into an accident or something."  Laughing she said, "That's exactly what he said you'd say."

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