Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 237: Quality Time Vs. Wast of Time

Clinton and I had a great date night with our friends Scott and Chelsey.  We went to Sobelmans for dinner (they claim to have Milwaukee's best burger...and we thought they were actually quite good), Leon's Frozen Custard for dessert (they have Milwaukee's best custard, I think) and then we went back to the Carver's place to watch a movie (America's WORST movie...Cowboys Vs. Aliens...I just kept wondering where the three little guys from Mystery Science Theater were).
It was so much fun to hangout with our friends!  Chelsey and I were talking about how grateful we are for the friendships we've made here and how we feel so blessed to be here together with our friends.  Our friendships have made our time here in Milwaukee so much better!

Ha ha:
While we watched Cowboys Vs. Aliens we made fun of it the ENTIRE time.  It was one of the longest, stupidest movies I've ever seen.  Anyway, right after it finished I got up to go to the bathroom and heard Scott suggest we watch the deleted scenes.  I shouted out, "I think the was the problem; they didn't delete any scenes!"

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