Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 224: If the Ferris Wheel's a'Rockin'...

Friday night Clinton asked if I wanted to go to Chicago for the day on Saturday. Totally excited by his spontaneity, I said, "Heck yes, I do!", and so we went!
I took him to Navy Pier and we went to a 3D moving called, Flying Monsters, walked through all the fun shops, got some Garrett's Popcorn (carmel w/pecans...uh...yum!), walked through the indoor gardens, rode the giant ferris wheel (found out it's 150 feet hight) and found a really cool stained glass exhibit. Anyhoo, here are some pics from the day (compliments of Clinton's new lens)...

Here's my hottie GQ husband! This was an "accidental" picture but I LOVE it!!

Ha ha:

Clinton kep taking pictures of me and after a while I'd had enough, so I started making both silly and "sexy" poses. When I looked at the pictures I laughed out loud. Apparently, I don't "do" sexy very well, but I'm sure the giant coat and earmuffs didn't really help either. Ha!

Ha ha!


  1. Great pictures! And what a fun thing to do something spontaneous like that.

  2. You do a great sexy look! Earmuffs are very vogue this year.

  3. Looks like an awesome trip! I'm jealous. I want to go to Chicago again! Last time I missed out on the shopping...and I would love to go on the ferris wheel. The pics look AWESOME!