Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 231: For Better or Worse

While I went to The Vow with my friend Kelli, my husband went grocery shopping. (insert huge smile)  If there's one thing I consistently despise doing it's grocery shopping.  What a pleasure it was going to a chic flick with Kelli and then coming home to bags of groceries that I didn't have to shop for!!

Ha ha:
As I started putting away the groceries I noticed that lots of the items on the list I'd given Clinton were not in the bags but there were lots of "extras" instead.
Me:  Oh, I love you.  You tried so hard.
He:  Well, maybe you should go next time. (said in a jokingly sarcastic way)
Me:  Didn't you see (insert missing item) on the list?
He:  No.
Me:  Did you look on the back?
He:  There was a back to the list?
Oh, dear.  We make a great team!!  Thanks for making me laugh everyday H.B.!!

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