Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 239: Let It All Out

Someone in Relief Society today said that her mindset regarding how she says her prayers has changed since being married.  She said she grew up saying, "It's time to say a prayer.", but when she got married her husband's family taught her that you don't just say a prayer, you "say prayer."  She said that prayer isn't just "a something" you do, it's your time to communicate with God and that it should be treated as such.
I like this thought and it makes me reflect a little more about how my prayers are.  Are they just "a something" I do, or are they my way of really communicating with God?  I'm going to try to change my mindset too and make sure that I don't just say "a prayer" but that I really take the time to pray to my Heavenly Father.

Ha ha:
Here I was sitting at my computer getting ready to write this post and I paused for a second and asked Clinton, "Do I have anything funny to write about from today?" and a little burp slipped out.  I waited for his response and he started frantically waving the air away from him in disgust...I guess my burp stunk a little.
I started laughing and promptly started typing.  

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