Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 226: I Like to Eat, Eat, Eat Chocolate and Bananas

A couple weeks ago I noticed a friend of mine post of FB that she had been eating lots of lava cake.  I commented that it was my favorite dessert and the next thing I knew this "sweet" friend of mine invited me over to her house to enjoy some with her.  So, yesterday I went over to her place after work and we got to visit for an hour and eat the BEST DESSERT EVER!!
Thanks so much Sarah for thinking of me and for making me my all-time favorite dessert!!!  It was great getting to know you better and I look forward to doing this again soon!

Ha ha:
As I was walking up the front steps into work this morning I noticed a banana on the ground.  There were two women shuffling up the steps a little bit ahead of me and I thought I'd pick it up, try to catch up and see if it belonged to one of them (although, my first thought was, Mmmm, banana).  When I got inside they had both split (no pun intended) into different directions and I was unable to return the banana to its rightful owner (ok, maybe I didn't try that hard to catch up, but that's beside the point).
I had two options:
1.  Throw the perfectly good sidewalk banana away
2.  Eat the perfectly good sidewalk banana
After a couple moment's reflection, I decided to go with option #2.  That's right.  I ate a banana I found on the sidewalk and I enjoyed every last bite.

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