Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 235: It's About Time!

I received a phone call from Clinton today while I was work and I knew right away it was something serious....because he almost never calls me at work. :)  Anyway, he said he got his scores from his boards and not only did he pass but he scored way above his expectations!!  He was so happy and I was ecstatic!  His score opens the door for great residency programs for him and more options for our future!  Congratulations you smart man you!  You deserve this!

Ha ha:
I make a terrible slip of the tongue at work today.  Here goes...
I went downstairs to the mailroom and noticed that the little mailbox they have usually filled with candy had a little clock in it too.
Me:  What's this clock for?
Mail Lady (ML):  Oh, it's a clock I don't want anymore.  You want it?
Me:  Oh, no.  I'm all clocked up.  Clocked up, not knocked up!
(Awkward laugh by all parties)
(I'd love to say that that was the worst of it, but I just had to open my mouth again.)
Me:  No, we have plenty of cocks...clocks in our office.  Um...(laughing)...I think that's what they call a Freudian slip!
I just started laughing and walked away.  I don't think they heard it, but I know what I said and had to get out of there.


  1. Way to go Clinton! How exciting! I hope it opens up a residency option in Cincinnati...that would be SWEET! And you are hilarious! PS. Those flowers Clinton got you are beautiful!