Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 246: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Lyrics

I really enjoyed our opening song in church today, especially the first and last verses.  I liked 'em so much I thought I'd share 'em!

1. Improve the shining moments,
Don’t let them pass you by;
Work while the sun is radiant;
Work, for the night draws nigh.
We cannot bid the sunbeams
To lengthen out their stay;
Nor can we ask the shadow
To ever stay away.

2. Time flies on wings of lightning,
We cannot call it back;
It comes, then passes forward
Along its onward track;
And if we are not mindful,
The chance will fade away;
For life is quick in passing—
’Tis as a single day.

3. As winter time doth follow
The pleasant summer days,
So may our joys all vanish,
And pass far from our gaze.
Then should we not endeavor
Each day some point to gain,
That we may here be useful,
And ev’ry wrong disdain.

4. Improve each shining moment;
In this you are secure,
For promptness bringeth safety,
And blessings rich and pure.
Let prudence guide your actions,
Be honest in your heart,
And God will love and bless you,
And help to you impart.

It's nice to have reminders every once and a while to find joy in life and to not take those moments for granted.  We should cherish them in the moment and use them to carry us through the tougher ones.

Ha ha:
While I was putting on my make-up this morning Clinton decided it would be a good idea to open up the blinds I'd previously shut so I could have just the right amount of light.  Here's how it went...
Me:  Uh, could you close those?  I don't want too much light.
He:  Nah, it's ok.
Me:  Well, not really.  Could you close em?
He:  Don't you want a lot of light when you put on make-up?
Me:  No because then you'll put on too much make-up to make up for being washed out by the light.
He:  No.  You want lots of light.  Trust me.
Me:  Oh, yah?  How would you know this?
He:  Because I used to be a Covergirl.
???  Where does he come up with this stuff?

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