Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 245: Feeling Fortunate

I woke up rather early on Saturday and lazed around for the first couple hours before actually getting up and getting ready for my day.  While I was in the process of beautifying myself, I happened to pick up my phone to see if I'd gotten any texts or emails.  Sure enough I received a text from my friend Jenna stating that she and some of my other girl friends were going to meet up for lunch and a movie in an hour.  I told her I'd received the message and would be there.  So glad I did!!  We had a blast and it was so fun to hang out with my friends.  Thanks for the invite Jenna!!

Ha ha:
We have a tradition of ending all of our fortune cookies with the saying, "in bed".  Here's one I got just the other day...
A little kinky for me but definitely funny enough to share!

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