Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 240: Take a Deep Breath

Today was one of THE LONGEST days I've had at work.  I don't know why for sure but it really seemed like the minutes were hours.  Anyway, I started to complain that the day was taking forever to finish and then I realized that instead of complaining I should be thankful.  I haven't really had a slow day at work in quite some time and I've been so blessed.
What a better way to look at it; am I right?

Ha ha:
I ran upstairs to say goodbye to Clinton before leaving for work.  He stopped me before I walked out and said, "Early this morning your fan was on and you were laying on your back breathing with your mouth open.  Each time you exhaled your morning breath would blow in my face.  Hah...hah...hah."  I laughed so hard!

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