Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 9: Valentine's Day Proposal Dream Come True

Eleven years ago today I said "yes".
Sometimes I stop and think about how crazy-fast the time has flown. I have been married to my absolute favorite person for the last 10.5 best years of my life. Though his proposal was questionable at first (see below), he ultimately won my heart and I can't be more happy.
Happy Valentine's Day, Clinton. You really are my favorite.
(Doodles from back when we were dating)

You may or may not know this story, but since it's its 11th anniversary and it's too good not to share, I hope you'll indulge me a little trip down memory lane.
Before we were engaged I had a dream.

---I dreamt that Clinton and I went to a really fancy restaurant. We sat at a very fancy table and were having a fancy time. During our conversation Clinton said, "I have something for you..." he pulled out a really beautiful red ring-box, opened it and said, "it's a box, and inside is a ring for you." I gasped in wonder and then in shock as I noticed the ring was just a rusty old key ring. Begrudgingly I put it on my finger and said a curt, "Wow, thanks."---end of dream

Well, I thought the dream somewhat funny and decided to tell Clinton all about it. He thought it was funny too...and apparently ingenious for his upcoming trip to see me during Valentine's Day in Portland.
On Valentine's Day 2003, I decorated the crap out of the hallway outside his room with candies, a big "I love you" banner and cut-out hearts. The message was in noway subtle. :)
And neither was his to me:
(This is how he decorated my bedroom)
(Glow and the dark stickers moved around strategically on my ceiling)

So, anyway, I had made some reservations at Multnomah Falls Restaurant for their special V-Day dinner. As time was approaching for us to leave I noticed Clinton was taking forever in the bathroom. I asked if he was alright and he assured me he was. Still, he took another 10 minutes or so.
We finally make it to the restaurant. Unfortunately for us, we were both full of nerves and hardly ate our rather expensive meal. I was nervous cause I was pretty sure he was going to propose and he was nervous cause he knew he was going to propose. Well, dinner and dessert came and went and no proposal. However the whole time Clinton kept touching his collar rather obsessively.
We left the restaurant and headed back toward home. Clinton asked me if there was anywhere else I wanted to go and when I couldn't come up with anything he suggested we go to Mt. Tabor (it's a mountain located within the city, pretty cool). It was a typical winter day in Portland, cold and rainy. I figured he'd only make me go out in the cold if he was going to make it worth my while. :)
We got out of the car and he lingered for quite a while getting things out of the trunk. When we finally set off I noticed he was carrying an extra coat and had his other hand full, but I couldn't tell with what.
So, we sit and he turns to me and says, "I have something for you."
Me: Oh?
He: It's a box and inside is a ring for you. (pulls out this beautiful red ring-box)
Me: Oh, my gosh!
He: (opens the box and smiles)
Me: (gasps, then gets a confused look on my face when I realize the size of the ring is way too big. It's dark outside and I can see the ring is sparkling, so I reach for it and upon closer inspection realize it's a key ring. Remembers my dream.) Oh.
He: (laughs)
Me: (feeling foolish for thinking I was going to be getting engaged)
He: Ok, I have something else for you. Do you want to know what it is?
Me: (relieved) Yes. :)
He: (hands me a pair of scissors) These are your mom's. I borrowed them, can you give them back to her?
Me: (starting to feel really disappointed and somewhat upset) Ok...
He: (laughs)
Me: (tries not to cry)
He: Do you want to know what I borrowed the scissors for?
Me: I think so.
He: Well, you see (starts pulling at his collar), I have this thing wrapped around my neck, and in order for you to get it you'll need the scissors to cut the string. (out pops my ring on the dental floss necklace he'd been spending all that time in the bathroom concocting before dinner and double-checking all throughout dinner.)
Me: (smiles and cuts the string)
He: (says a lot of sweet stuff) Will you marry me?
Me: Yes, of course!
He: And you see, the ring is still shaped like a keyring.
Me: (swoon)

Well, that was 11 years ago today and even though his proposal kinda set me for a loop in the moment, it just goes to show how clever and romantic he is. I am so thankful for my forever, funny valentine. 
(see how it looks like a split keyring?) :)

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